A cold summer’s day, sweltering mood.
I lay on my bed, sinking into my own cosmic abyss.
Lines of heat forming in my mind’s eye.
Each day more Sunday than the last.
Each piece falling into increasingly stranger places.
I melt.

Hopelessly scrubbing my mind spotless.
I condescend to myself.
Hazy sunsets stuck on tracking-damaged repeat.
The dullness dazzles as the brightness dims.
Melancholic montage moments.
I fade.

Wistful memories of alternate personal timelines.
Freeze frame high-fiving an empty space.
Inscrutable echoes feeding back on themselves.
My ears ring a song of a familiar indescribable tune.
Four become two and two become one.
I amalgamate.

An uncountable infinity of frequencies shoot out from within.
Features unform, knots unfurl.
Rising up and and looking back down on myself.